Forsinard Mural Project Complete

Superb artwork on Scottish peatland, evoking the the beauty of what some unfairly dismiss as bogs. note the cottongrass and sundew. Peat is also excellent at Carbon Capture. See my blog on Forest of Bowland peat restoration

Janice Duke Illustration

After a lot of hard work and a lot of fun the new peatland mural in the Forsinard Flows visitor centre is now complete. When visiting you will find it on your right as you walk in. Completed in acrylic, I began in April and then finished from late June into late July.

The mural features much of the iconic flora and fauna of the Flow Country, including one of Britain’s most persecuted bird species, the Hen Harrier. This species is still found in the Flow Country, but has been driven to near extinction across many other parts of Britain. The spectacle of ghostly grey males and their beautiful sky dancing displays has sadly become a rare sight in our landscape. As regular readers will know, raptor persecution is an issue close to my heart and so I was keen to make the Hen Harrier a focal point of…

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