The reasons for the floods

I think Monbiot is right about the need for tree-planting and even more so fro peat restoration a thing of mine As for governments niether the 2010-5 , 2015ff or 1997-2010 govts can claim innocence

Further a major problem has been the ideological agenda of too many greens whether in EU or NGOs.

A completely new approach is needed

Primate's Progress

Floods are inevitable. But the degree of damage that we are seeing today is the result of reckless cuts, perverse subsidies, and mindless deregulation.

First, a review of “savings” (that’s NewSpeak for “cuts”) on flood defences:Well, Labour would say that, wouldn’t they? But @LabourEoin gives fuller links; for instance, the last set of numbers comes from House of Commons Library Note “Flood spending in England”, SN/SC/5755, 19 November 2014.

Well, maybe the Government have learned better? Then why are they cutting 6700 firefighters, who are among first responders and prevention workers in floods?

Well, maybe it is necessary to save money? It would be difficult to think of a more expensive way of saving, where every £ saved costs somewhere between £6 and £24, depending on which estimate you accept.

But can the Government be blamed for natural disaster? Yes, when its policies have directly and foreseeably…

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