Infographics as interactive web apps

A very useful set of infogarphics on energy use throughout the world

Carbon Counter

Followers on Twitter may be interested in knowing that I am starting to convert some of the infographics I am posting into interactive web applications. These will let you easily look up data for individual countries, things like per-capita emissions, energy mixes, percentages of electricity from wind or solar, etc.

The first one that is available is of per-capita emissions, which is available here. (It’s actually a bit rough round the edges, and needs the 2 in CO2 to be lower case….)

This uses the Shiny platform created by RStudio. The apps will be available on a site that offers a free service. Being free means there is a limit to how many people can use the app, so possibly once I put a few up it won’t be particularly useful.

In the long run I am considering creating a website which will have all of these in one…

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