The brook in Exton is running brown again with maize field mud

There is a similar situation in the Fylde area of Lancashire where soil often flows onto roads causing standing water. It also appears to reduce the soil to dust

Yet few comment on the environmental problem in Lancs

A Dartmoor blog

I know I have been writing a lot recently about flooding, maize and brown flood water but when you keep waking up to the little stream beside your garden thundering with brown flood water you take quite an interest in it.

Exton brook2The scene Sunday morning after last night’s rain.

Exton brook1An amazing colour – super loaded with Devon’s soil

Exton brook3Flooding in Station Road

I was even visited by a couple who live in Station Road in Exton who had read my previous blog on the flooding in the village. They were asking me about the maize connection. As a result I have been looking more deeply into what has been published on the topic.

For me, the key piece of research was undertaken by RC Palmer and RP Smith which was published in the journal Soil Use and Management in 2013  and was titled Soil structural degradation in SW England and its impact…

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