Fracking kills like ciggies

CaJVbzFWEAgmsifA wonderful meme from Talk Fracking today .


No words  really needed, but some anti-frackers avoid carcinogens like the plague



Showing that fracking is as bad as smoking


and results in birth defects



The reason is clear.

It is the methane that kills




2 thoughts on “Fracking kills like ciggies

  1. Paul Braterman

    Utterly deplorable. I have mixed feelings, however, about showing inflammatory images, like the one of the woman with a deformed doll. you risk propagating what you are criticising, and it’s also lucrative click bait.A verbal description might have been better

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  2. Ken W

    Yep all of that total scaremongering nonsense, no evidence at all. It will be great when Friends of the Earth (who put this rubbish out) are finally showed up as the lairs they are.



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