Britain Strikes Black Gold at ‘Gatwick Gusher’

This is most interesting from my home area. The challenge is to extract it in an environmentally sensitive way

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Oil Prices Crash After Saudis Fail To Broker Global Production Cut

Shares in UK Oil and Gas Investments soared by as much as 77pc after the Aim-listed developer announced that oil from its well near Gatwick Airport in Surrey flowed at a faster rate than expected.  UK Oil and Gas (Ukog) has claimed that oil from the so called “Gatwick gusher” at Horse Hill flowed from 900m below ground level to the surface without extra help from operators, and at a better rate than expected of 463 barrels a day. Ukog and its partners in Horse Hill have claimed that more than 9.2 billion barrels of oil lie under the 55 square kilometre licence area in the Weald Basin. –Jillian Ambrose, The Daily Telegraph, 16 February 2016

A spot in the south of England near Gatwick airport could hold a massive amount of oil even larger than that found at…

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