Self-treating homoeopaths and self-congratulating skeptics (Will Storr’s The Heretics, Part 2)

A continuation from Paul’s last I reblogged – Creationism. Why so much scientific nonsense in so many spheres?

Primate's Progress

Warning: If you follow the Boots on-line advice about homoeopathy, it could kill you.

Storr devotes one of his most interesting chapters to a group of people that I belong to. He does not like them, and gives good reason for this.

GemmaHoefkens Gemma Hoefkens tells her story

He approaches the topic indirectly, through the story of a woman called Gemma Hoefkens. As Gemma tells it, she had malignant tumours in her brain and spine that were no longer responding to treatment, so she saw no point in staying in hospital, and betook herself home. She recovered, against all expectation, with the help of some little pills she was taking. These pills were homoeopathic Causticum (sodium hydroxide, drain cleaner) at such a low dose that, if it were not for impurities, we could be confident [1] that each pill contained none of the active ingredient whatsoever. Understandably, she attributes her cure to these…

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