A fracking photoblog of Westby , Lancs

If you leave the resort of Blackpool you can either travel at speed on the M55 or take the slower A583 through Kirkham to traffic jams in Preston. Just as you leave the built-up area you are confronted with this rash of signs;


Any visitor would wonder what’s going on and prospective house-buyers would probably put their foot on the floor and go elsewhere.


Well, it’s nice to thank councillors for once?  But what for? Turning down Cuadrilla’s application for exploration for gas last June?


Cor, fracking sounds awful!


This contradicts the previous placard, but then our friend Mr Toothill has been ordered by Fylde Council to remove these signs. I wonder what the carcinogens are apart from Dihydrogen Monoxide, Sand or Polyacrylamide, which is used in our water supplies. It sounds scary this.


What are these toxins? Does he mean from smoking – as so many fractivists smoke? Or are they air fresheners?


Now green diesel is not good for the environmment………………….


And so I turned off down a lovely little lane, full of yellow signs.


All these signs put off prospective house-buyers, but there may be a snip to be had!


One of the envrionmental X-spurts for Friends of the Earth said putting in monitoring was problematical on moss – the local term of old boggy areas which are usually drained. The area around the lane is flat and low-lying and only just moss if that. Where the drill would go is not flat but rather “basket-of-eggs”/Ferrero-Rocher topography.

This is clear in all the following photos;


Looking across a seismic monitor to the site.


These monitors are really quite tiny.

I was going along a lane parallel to the very noisy M55


Above you can see the undulating terrain north of the lane


Again looking across Ferrero Rocher terrain to the big house in Little Plumpton




We gave these to a raffle yesterday. It illustrates the terrain around Westby, with lots of little hills and hollows, caused when the Ice Sheet dumped its load 15000 odd years ago.


When you look at these little hillocks carefully you soon see that they were not formed by flowing water.


Approaching little Plumpton


And so back towards Blackpool on the A583, to be confronted by a prominent sign for CLEAN renewable energy, near the entrance to a solar park under construction


Well, the energy may be clean but the road was not, with loads of mud on the road


For several hundred yards the state of the cycle lane was a disgrace and on sunday showed no effort in cleaning it. With a bit of rain, muddy spray would go everywhere, and road cyclists with no mudguards would be cursing, or  – rightfully – taking the lane.


Well this is the area round the Preston New Road site at the end of winter.  Maybe Fylde Borough Council should ask them to clean the road.


I do wonder how much energy the solar farm will produce. Can anyone give me a back-of-an-envelope calculation how many square miles are needed to provide all the electricy for Blackpool and the Fylde?


P.S. The photos with a black border are nicked form Backing Fracking


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