AGU, Exxon and the corporate funding dilemma

A controversial one!! Some won’t like me re-blogging this and may suggest I am in bed with Exxon. However Oil Companies have funded science for years. The old geology buiding at Oxord was the Shell building but that never affected what the dept produced. Now there is a Shell professor – isn’t that terrible? Not.

Climate Etc.

by Judith Curry

. . . to assess whether our partner/sponsor statements are in conflict with our position statements and accepted scientific consensus. – Margaret Leinen, AGU President

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2 thoughts on “AGU, Exxon and the corporate funding dilemma

  1. Paul Braterman

    Bait-and-switch. From defending the AGU president for her decision not to exclude Exxon on the basis of past actions, to pretending that the AGU is stifling scientific debate by stating the scientifically obvious.


    1. michaelroberts4004 Post author

      Too much bait-and -switch elsewhere too e.g with Dark Greens blind opposition to any fossil fuels and unrealistic dreams.
      The whole of climate change is now totally politicised preventing rational discourse.



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