Buy your springtime chocolate egs and bunnies

I went into out local supermarket today and was reminded that Easter is very near.


At first I looked  in vain for Easter Eggs and Easter Bunnies, found this and thought it was a Playboy outfit.


Going up market I still could find no Easter Eggs



Still more bunnies but without the outfit



And lots and lots of chocolate eggs and bunnies, but I wonder how much chocolate they contained.


This might be an egg of excellence but not for Easter


And more and more


I am not sure whether these qualify



AH! At long last, some Easter Eggs. They were hard to find!




And then the supermarket’s own brand gives the eggs their proper name.


Who are all these chocolatiers afraid of? ISIS? Richard Dawkins? (Who wouldn’t give a toss.) Or the imaginary PC brigade who don’t want to offend other faiths?

I could say far more, but if we live in a mutlicultural society then it should be multicultural and I think Easter does have some claim to being a long-standing festival in Britain.



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