Confronting the fracking furore with facts

Here is a professional dealing with fracking, who really knows his stuff,

Sadly too many prefer emotion above rational argument.

Yesterday I was at an ecumenical meeting on the environment. In the discussion one person (on the blackburn diocese environment committee referred to polarised positions on fracking at the meeting looking in my direction. I told him I llke others follow a middle and moderate course. Sadly in his and other church stuff on fracking they look to St Green Pee and to Fiends of the Earth. But I suppose Younger would be consdiered an extremist like me!! (Got that off my chest)

Anyway, read Younger’s blog and follow his references

Geological Society of London blog

A guest blog from Paul Younger, Professor of Energy Engineering at the University of Glasgow*

22a The author in Blenkinsopp Colliery, Northumberland

Shale gas fracking is not really my fight: I do not have (and never have had) any vested interests in the industry’s success or failure in the UK or elsewhere. Indeed, a resurgence of cheap gas would be inimical to the two new geo-energy industries I have been trying to pioneer – namely obtaining renewable heat from deep geothermal reservoirs, and decarbonised industrial feedstocks from in situ conversion of coal into synthesis gas, with capture and storage of the carbon arising, far beneath the seabed. If successful, shale gas would likely outcompete both of these industries in the short term. So I am not a natural advocate for shale gas.

However, what I learned over many years of research and practice in preventing and remediating pollution from the once-vast…

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