The Nobel Savage: Greenpeace’s Colonialist Ambitions

Does Greenpeace actually care for either truth or people? The ideology seems to prevent them. As well as other examples given in the blog there is also there fromgramme of disinformation on fracking in Britain;

They seem oblivious to any kind of ethics

The Risk-Monger

Golden Rice (rice genetically fortified with beta-carotene to help prevent Vitamin A Deficiency among malnourished populations) has become a dogmatic noose around the neck of Greenpeace threatening to choke the entire organisation. Their relentlessly obsessive opposition to all GMOs have cost the NGO many good leaders, ostracised them within agricultural circles (except the tiny, but boisterous organic food industry lobby) and brandished them with an anti-scientific label that will burden their credibility for decades to come.

On Thursday (30 June 2016), 110 Nobel laureates condemned Greenpeace for being anti-scientific, begging them, other NGOs and the UN to stop opposing GMOs and, in particular, Golden Rice. Since there are only several hundred living Nobel Prize winners, this is a significant sting for an organisation like Greenpeace trying to move in from the fringes of society and be respected at the policy table.

The letter signed by 110 Nobel laureates  considers Greenpeace’s opposition to Golden Rice as…

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