Is Everything The Will Of God?

Reblogged from Thomas Oord’s blog. I agree. not everything is the will of God. No way is 9/11 that or many other things

Open and Relational Leadership

by Richard Kidd

I remember it clearly. I was working at a radio station as an announcer.  I was not on theAuthor Kidd air but in the “Radio Jock Lounge” as we called it.  One of the other DJs who was on the air at the time, came running into the lounge screaming, “We have been attacked! The World Trade Center was hit by passenger jets! It’s a terrorist attack!” The Jets were still coming and the buildings were falling. It was surreal. We were all in a state of shock.

Afterwards, everyone had an opinion of why this happened and, yes, eventually the questions came, too. “Why did God let this happen?” “Was it God’s will?” “What kind of God would cause this tragedy?” Of course, all the usual  TV preachers were saying it was because of abortion or the gays or because they removed prayer from the schools. It…

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