Ark Encounter Common Ancestors: The Increasing Inclusiveness of Biblical Kinds

Just what animals did Noah take on the ark?

Many havem answered that question. In the 17th century Bishop John Wilkins said Noah took 2 camelopards and 1835 sheep for the “rapacious beasts” according to my copy of Catcott on the deluge (1760) I think they were wiser and more consistent than todays Young Earthers

Naturalis Historia

Just how many animals where on Noah’s Ark according to 6-day creationists?  That answer has varied considerably over the past century.   With the completion of the Ark Encounter, the most visible attempt to show the feasibility of  preserving all land animal diversity from a global flood, more people are being exposed to a modern answer to that age-old question.   The group – Answers in Genesis – who constructed the Ark Encounter theme park have provided the lowest estimate to date: a max of 6700 total animals.

To rationalize their small Ark population they have become increasingly vocal about how modern biological diversity – the abundance of species – is the result of rapid speciation of ancestral “kinds” following a severe biological bottleneck during Noah’s flood just 4350 years ago.  We could call these ancestors of modern species progenitor kinds or proto-kinds but just what is a “kind” and just how are the boundaries of one kind versus another determined?  How a “kind”…

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