Update on Grandmother Fish, and more to come

This looks like an excellent kids’ book on evolution

Primate's Progress

Grandmother Fish will be released in the US on September 6, and in the UK on October 13, by Feiwell and friends. That’s a division of Macmillan, like the Nature group who now also publish Scientific American. Good company, well deserved (full review here).

And more to come  from the same author-illustrator team; Clades, an animal-matching game with rules based on the underlying science.

Your chance to get involved: Kickstarter starts October 17th. Preliminary details in the August 15th entry on the Grandmother Fish Facebook page.


Why is this game important? Because of the one sentence in the book that I would strongly disagree with: “Evolution by natural selection is very difficult to understand because it doesn’t make intuitive sense.” I think that the main reason people think it is difficult is because there is an booming cottage industry in disinformation about evolution, and that the idea of…

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