The Myth of Neoliberalism

I am baffled the way many of the Left (watermelons, momentum, corbynistas etc etc ) bandy about the term NEOLIBERALISM as a catch-all description to vilify anyone who is to the right of Owen Smith. Here Colin Talbot of Manchester blogs on it and a student asked for disciplinary action agianst him.


Neoliberalism is a myth. It’s a pervasive myth on one side of politics – the left. But it is nevertheless a myth.

Let’s start with one simple and obvious fact – no-one claims to be a neoliberal.

This is rather odd.

Of course, in politics, people often accuse other people or parties of holding views they think are repugnant. Nazi, socialist, racist, liberal, Stalinist, are all terms of abuse hurled at opponents.

They are often wrong, but oddly there is almost always someone who is happy to claim the label. There are parties and groups happy to adopt each of the labels mentioned.

But oddly, no-one calls themselves a neoliberal. Only critics of this supposed doctrine use this label. Why?

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