Are Greenpeace flaring liars?

The two leading Green NGOs are Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace. Both have considerable influence throughout the world and many regard both as excellent. They influence governments and expect to be consulted.

Friends of the Earth UK are having a bit of rough time recently as someone leaked the ASA (Advertising standards authority) judgment on their leaflet Don’t let fracking destroy all of this. However there is another complaint…………

In recent years Greenpeace have vandalised Nazca in Peru during a Climate Change conference to draw attention to climate change  (or themselves.)

Recently GP UK have put sponsored posts on Facebook (i.e. at cost to GP so it is advertising not opinion) Here’s the latest for a petition against fracking.

The flare stack is enough to put anyone off fracking with flames shooting out of a 30-40 foot high stack. No one would want this anywhere there house as it looks like the flares at the refineries on the Mersey, which you can see on the north side of the M56 as you approach Chester.

As you look at this advert I am sure you will want to sign the petition.


But hang on a mo!!

These ginormous flares will NOT be allowed by fracking pads in the UK. GP forgot to tell you that, or did they know. As they have well-qualified scientists on their staff they must have known unless invincible ignorance comes with getting a Ph.D.

There will be flares at fracking sites and will only be used for a short time during drilling as they assess the volume of gas present and before putting it into the national grid for gas (which conveniently passes through Lancashire, with one part a mile from our house. I often see substations and the white and orange marker posts.) Flaring is bad news for all. To the company it is simply burning money as they want to sell gas not flare it. To all of us it represents some pumping of global warming gases (CO2) into the atmosphere. However it si better to combust it to CO2 than leave it as methane.

The flares permitted in the UK are much smaller and enclosed as this photo shows. So normally flaring will not be visible.

Below is a small unenclosed flare stack at a biomass power station near Lytham. Note the height is only 15 feet. This power station closed in 2016.




It is not the first time GP have used photos of massive scary flares as they did in an article in 2013. (Really, I think GP need to learn a little about gas extraction>)

Gas flare

Lastly, the Lytham expert on fracking Mr Mike Hill also used pictures of banned flares in his campaign against fracking as these screenshots from twitter in 2015 show. Sadly many groups took his bad advice including the churches in Lancashire.



As well as scaring the good people of Lancashire on flaring GP have also tried to scare us on earthquakes with their Not for Shale campaign. who would buy a house at risk of earthquakes. This stems from thje fact that fracking at Preese Hall caused two minor tremors of M1.5 and M2.3. A few felt these and no damage was caused  (except in the mid of Gayzer Frackman). To put this into perspective these tremors were like a heavy lorry driving past your house, and in 2013 a train crossing a viaduct  at Balcombe produced a tremor of Mag1.5 or so.



We need to understand how magnitudes are measured as these basically go back to the Richter scale.I will stay with a simplistic version of it! The scale goes up to 10, but the scale is logarithmic not  linear so a Mag 10 is not 10 times bigger than a Mag 1 but 56 billion, billion times bigger. The 2015 Nepal earthquake was Mag 7.8 which is a billion times bigger than anything at Preese Hall.For the record I have been through a Mag 8.6 but was too small to remember!!

In the last 250 years there have been 13 quakes from Mag 3 to 5 in the Lancashire area. some were felt and one in 1835 “caused many of the inhabitants of Garstang to start out of bed in alarm.” however GP chose not to say that and just focused on their scaremongering.


Finally the picture below shows seismic activity caused by human activity. as you can see fracking is trivial both in numbers of tremors and the intensity.



To conclude, surely Greenpeace has been more than duplicitous with this emotive appeal against fracking.




One thought on “Are Greenpeace flaring liars?

  1. Paul Braterman

    The damage done by Greenposturing is enormous, both directly on particular decisions, and generally in setting the framework for debate, as instanced by the shameful cringing of Scottish politicians before this self-righteous fact-ignoring Luddism



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