Court backs German utilities’ compensation claim

So much for Germany’s green energy drive. They closed down nuclear to replace it with lignite – the dirtiest coal in the world – and re now under legal threat.

That is the result of green policies, which wreck EU energy.10690279_341161442722301_6003508654631314785_n

Here is a beautiful German coalmine, environmentally far worse than fracking as this view of a fracking pad in the USA shows



Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court today ruled that, although the country’s 2011 phase-out legislation is essentially in compliance with the constitution, power utilities are entitled to “reasonable” compensation for the early shut down of their nuclear power reactors.

Source: Court backs German utilities’ compensation claim

3 thoughts on “Court backs German utilities’ compensation claim

    1. michaelroberts4004 Post author

      I think this could be Patrick Moore a Canadian, one of the GP founders who reckons up to 1000ppm of CO2 could be beneficial 🙂 There is also a fairly recent Greenpeace director Stephen Tindale who argues in favour of both fracking and nuclear. I find his ideas to be good. You will find him on twitter



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