Creationist Jack Chick roasted by spoof tract

For many years Jack Chick tracts were the sickest fundamentalists could produce, with there attacks on evolution Roman Catholics etc.

They were as slick as sick and devoid of any love. I wonder about those who used them how they coped with any of Jesus’ injunction to love.

Well he popped his clogs recently and here one anti-fan produced a Chick-worthy tract on his demise.

His tracts on evolution don’t even come into the Fake News or Post truth categories and are marked by duplicity and sheer nastiness.


But he could shout this louder than any1



Here it is and it was reblogged by James McGrath

Jack Chick Goofed

I really like this reworking of Jack Chick’s famous tract, “This Is Your Life,” in honor of Chick’s death, by Gretchen Koch.

Chick smaller

Of related interest, Randal Rauser shared that someone made a movie version of the Chick Tract “Somebody Goofed”


2 thoughts on “Creationist Jack Chick roasted by spoof tract

  1. Mushet

    There are two big problems with this stupid parody comic: 1 Jack Chick went on record time and time again saying he loves people and cares for their souls and his entire goal after serving Jesus was to spread the Gospel so PEOPLE WOULD NOT GO TO HELL and WOULD END UP IN HEAVEN! All true Born again Christians who do the evangelistic work want to see people saved. I do not take pleasure in people going to Hell. No matter how angry I may be I love people and Jack Chick loves people and we want you to go to Heaven. 2 Jesus Christ said in John 14:6 that He is the ONLY WAY to Heaven and elsewhere He warned about Hell time and time again. Jack Chick trusted in Jesus and His blood payment alone for salvation so he was definitely saved, as am I and all born-again Christians. It would be IMPOSSIBLE for us to end up in Hell. God would have to be a liar for that to happen. That is impossible. Anyone who trusts in Jesus Christ as God the Son and their only Saviour from Hell has to go to Heaven, just as anyone who REJECTS Jesus Christ as God the Son and their only eternal Saviour (excluding all works, water baptism, sacraments, etc) HAS to go to Hell forever, no matter how outwardly “nice” they may seem to be. So that answers that parody. Now, have you trusted in Jesus Christ and His shed blood payment on the cross for your sins so you can be in Heaven and escape Hell?


    1. michaelroberts4004 Post author

      So do you support Chick et al in their misrepresentation about evolution? That is contrary to the Ninth Commandment. Further he showed no love in his ghastly tracts. I think you need to study the words of Jesus and follow them



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