How the Hell did Hell get into the Church?

I recently heard of two churches who love hell. The first had Hell as a topic for kiddies sermons and the second the church leaders were advised to preach Hell. I shall not be more specific.

Too often God is presented as an ogre who likes to burn some people up, but very long and very slow.

Here is an article which questions whether Hell is fully a traditional doctrine. Looking at it, it seems good historically and may explain why Hell does not appear in the Nicene Creed but does in the Apostles Creed, with Christs alleged descent into Hell (which I don’t believe)



We’ve covered quite a bit so far in our discussion on Hell. We looked at every time the word “Hell” is mentioned in scripture (and discovered it basically isn’t… ever) and then we looked at every passage seeming to suggest eternal torment (and found how poorly we understand stuff that wasn’t written to us). But […]

Source: How & When The Idea of Eternal Torment Invaded Church Doctrine – Brazen Church


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