Why do irrational beliefs mimic science?

An interesting paper by a scientist and philospher.

It is applicable to all forms of pseudoscience. His main target is creationism , but it applies also to anti-GMO, anti-vaxxer and anti-fracking

I first came across the author when he reviewed Debating Design 2005 a series of essays on Intelligent Design. He dismissed all the religious ones apart from mine, so I am biased

Footnotes to Plato

Creationism debateLast year I co-published a paper, together with my collaborators Stefaan Blancke and Maarten Boudry, entitled “Why Do Irrational Beliefs Mimic Science? The Cultural Evolution of Pseudoscience,” that I think readers of this blog will find interesting.

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One thought on “Why do irrational beliefs mimic science?

  1. Paul Braterman

    From the highly recommended Footnotes to Plato series, written by a distinguished scientist turned distinguished philosopher (very different from some better known philosophising scientists). If you think philosophy doesn’t matter, or if you imagine you are yourself free of philosophical baggage, or if you think that a blog cannot be the vehicle for discussion at the highest level, follow there and learn.



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