Zealot Ethics: How NGOs get away with murder

An attack on the nastiness of Green NGOs. Much of this chimes in with my observations of GPuk asnd FoE UK

The Risk-Monger

How is it that some  environmental NGOs can continually distort facts (lie), misrepresent themselves (deceive) and relentlessly promote idealistic policies widely known to be environmentally, economically and societally disastrous without losing public support? Not only are these horrible people still welcome at the policy table in Brussels, they are often leading the meetings and directing the debates (over a cliff).

In this third part of my State of the NGOs series I’ll try to understand how this activist Teflon veneer continues to breed a socially-accepted hypocrisy. I’ll consider how the NGOs know they do not have to follow the same rules as everyone else, and how they profit from it. Like Part 1 of this series, which looked at the need to scrutinise how NGOs waste public funds with no accountability nor transparency, and Part 2, which considered how the wily social media upstarts and internet gurus are supplanting…

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1 thought on “Zealot Ethics: How NGOs get away with murder

  1. Paul Braterman

    I am suspicious of a post that describes neonicotinoid pesticides as “essential”. I would like to publicise a takedown of Greenpeace and the anti-GMO crusade, but cannot use a suspect source.



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