Glyphosate, Beer and Monsanto: An interview with the BfR’s Roland Solecki

Monsanto is the Devil incarnate in big business and their weedkiller is the most evil of all their products. #

So we are told.

I started using glyphospate or Round-up 30 years ago to get rid of weeds.I was recommended to do so by leading greenies in Liverpool. I have always hestitant to use it, but at times it is the best thing to do. Here some of the nonsense of Roundup/ glyphosphate is exposed

The Risk-Monger

Last month there was an interesting interview on the glyphosate approval process in the Süddeutsche Zeitung with Roland Solecki from the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR). The BfR is the agency responsible to the EU Member States for evaluating glyphosate. Roland Solecki is head of the department responsible for the safety of pesticides. The BfR, along with EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) have been critical of how IARC’s hazard assessment on glyphosate was managed.

As it was published in German under a paywall most people in the English-speaking world did not hear much about this interview, but his statements are so spot on that it is worth sharing. The weaknesses in the text are mine, the strengths are Dr Solecki’s and that of the journalist, Jan Heidtmann (his questions in bold).

Here are the main excerpts from Dr Solecki’s interview with the German daily: Süddeutsche Zeitung, published on 19 April 2017. My…

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