Not 4004 BC. The Doctrine of Creation considered geologically.

Some years ago I was asked to write an Anglican view of creation for the Geological Society of London’s Special Publication on  Geology and Religion. 


Here it  is. My brief was to deal with the relationship of geology  to Christianity. Hence I omitted the important issue of the environment which would have required as much wordage again. Hence I only deal with the Geology/Genesis aspects and consider the variety of responses from the Sea of Faith, throught the (sane) views of those like Peacocke, Polkinghorne and McGrath and finally Creationism  in its various forms.


Needless to say Triceratops-riding Christians were never far away.

Caution Creationists3


Here is my chapter

An Anglican priest’s perspective on the doctrine of creation in the church today



One thought on “Not 4004 BC. The Doctrine of Creation considered geologically.

  1. Paul Braterman

    As Michael knows, I comment on Christianity from the outside. I am surprised that the article does not mention the argument in favour of biblical literalism that seems to me central to Ken Ham’s version of Christianity: substitutional atonement as central to humanity’s relationship with God, the implied presumption that there must be a sin that is paid for by this atonement, and the identification of this sin with the eating of the fruit in the garden. Deny the historical fact of that original sin, and from Ham’s perspective the whole edifice comes crashing down.

    This is also a perspective, as far as I can understand it, of theologically Conservative Scottish Presbyterians, overwhelmingly so in the various free churches and to a worrying extent in the Church of Scotland itself. So here we have a marriage between 1960s style pseudo-scientific creationism, and a harsh 17th-century doctrine that never really went away.



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