EU Funding of NGOs: Europarl Debate follow-up.

Doesn’t look too good for Friends of the Earth. Wait a minute , weren’t they in trouble with the Advertising Standards Authority over fracking early this year?

I am glad they are being challenged at long last.

The Risk-Monger

I participated today (27 June 2017) in the European Parliament hearing on NGO funding. I demonstrated how groups like Friends of the Earth Europe are able to take advantage of the lack of scrutiny within the European Commission and go around from one DG to another, harvesting funds that they then non-transparently spread among their activist friends. I agreed with the conclusions of MEP Markus Pieper and presented  my own recommendations.

As the presentation screen was quite small, I understand it was difficult for many people to see the numbers on the slides of my Friends of the Earth Europe case study.

Please find below the slides for today’s presentation in the European Parliament: NGO funding Europarl 27.06 Zaruk.

See the link to the original source blog on the crisis of EU funding of NGOs.

As the discussion was animated but with insufficient time, let me reiterate my key…

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