Eight Tips on How to Grab the Bully by the Horns

Here are the woes of someone dealing with ant–GMO types. It all sounds very familiar. It is exactly the same on fracking or any other green issue, where the “activist knows best”.

The Risk-Monger

“It’s getting ‘shilly’ out there!” That is my usual reaction when I glaze through my morning twitter breakfast buffet of gratuitous insults from pro-organic activists. I understand that being positive towards genetic engineering, agri-tech and conventional agriculture in Brussels is enough to justify name-calling and bullying (forget dialogue or discussion in today’s volatile policy landscape!). But I am always curious why people who think they are so good act so badly toward those who disagree with them.

I’m often told: David, rise above them! or: Don’t stoop to their levels! But I’ve seen these bullies before and as their desperation or frustration increases, so do their personal attacks.

  • I have a hard time tolerating lies and deceitfulness;
  • I have a hard time tolerating those who use fear and emotion to counter facts and reason;
  • I have a hard time tolerating those who attack others rather than engage in dialogue;
  • I…

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