Ooops! Naomi Oreskes caught with biased numbers on #ExxonKnew

I don’t normally like this blog for its stance against even sane understandings of Climate Change,,but occassionally he gets it right as he does here on Exxon.

With a recent letter from Church of England clergy demanding that the CoE divests from Exxonmobil this shows they need to be more rigorous in their sources

Watts Up With That?

Exposed: Harvard Study Omitted Evidence to Allege ExxonMobil ‘Misled’ Public on Climate

recent report from Harvard researchers accusing ExxonMobil of misleading the public on climate change was based on an incomplete sampling of data collected by Greenpeace, according to a review by Energy In Depth. The Harvard report accused the company of producing research that affirmed human contributions to climate change, and then using newspaper advertorials to deny or sow doubt around climate-related science.

The study’s authors, Geoffrey Supran and Naomi Oreskes, announced the findings of their study in a column in the New York Times, in which they claimed that “81 percent of [ExxonMobil’s] climate change advertorials in one way or another expressed doubt.” The advertorials were taken from a database compiled and maintained by Greenpeace, an anti-fossil fuel group with its own anti-Exxon campaign. Critically, we found that this database omits dozens of climate-related advertorials…

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1 thought on “Ooops! Naomi Oreskes caught with biased numbers on #ExxonKnew

  1. Paul Braterman

    Michael, you risk discrediting yourself. Wattsup is to climate as the DI’s Evolution News is to evolution. So I hope you have checked the accuracy of the assertions in this article as you would that of any article from a corrupt source.



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