Glyphosate and the Regulatory Failure of Precaution

Why Green NGOs amke anything sound scarey . Here it is the weedkiller Glyphosphate.

I need to buy some more………….

(actually I use it very sparingly)

The Risk-Monger

The European regulatory use of the precautionary principle has proven to be a failure. It has failed to deliver good governance to Europeans and serves as an indication how the Commission’s promise of Better Regulation has been a house built on sand. Why has the EU Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed (PAFF) been unable to renew the glyphosate authorisation? It comes down to the absurd European hazard-based precautionary regulatory mindset.

The Glyphosate Slugfest

I sometimes wonder if there are people on this planet who have not heard about glyphosate. But every day I also wonder how so many vulnerable souls have been so misled to believe the bullshit being spread about this beneficial, low toxicity herbicide. The public outrage has been so high that even after the Portier Papers exposed the greed, lies and self-interest in those attacking glyphosate, even after Reuters showed how IARC juiced the…

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