ALARA : An alternative policy tool to the precautionary principle


Often the Precautionary principle is used as the Ace of Trumps.

However if it had been applied in the past nothing would have been done – think of Telford’s bridges. His bridge to Anglesey would never had been built .

railways would have been throttled at birth – as some want

Read on with ALARACITY!!

The Risk-Monger

This blog was originally published on 9 February 2011 and is reblogged here from my old site (which has now had all referencing removed). Today, as the precautionary principle has failed miserably to deliver regulatory service to Europeans (most recently with the glyphosate debacle), maybe alternatives should be considered. ALARA is common sense.
I have added a postscript comparing how ALARA and precaution would lead to different results in the glyphosate policy process.

In my last blog, I briefly outlined seven reasons why the EU’s dependence on the precautionary principle (EEA interpretation) as its main environmental-health policy tool was destructive (to the public trust in science, to the environment, to public health and to a sustainable supply chain). Although a natural impulse, precaution uses a non-scientific logic that allows it to be manipulated by environmental activists and policy-makers. It should be relegated as a policy tool and certain EU directives…

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