In Praise of the Corporation

May be big corporations aren’t that bad after all.

Perhaps you could spend a week using nothing made or sold by big corporations whether BP, ExxonMobil, Walmart/Asda, Sainsbury’s , Ford, or anyone else.

A good challenge

The Risk-Monger

You might be reading this on your laptop in a comfortably warm Uber you arranged on your smartphone via a website storing your data in the cloud. The car is a hybrid built with advanced polymers, chemicals and repurposed plastics. The coffee in your cup (recycled from used chewing gum) was freshly ground, with an attractive hazelnut aroma, paid for via an electronic payment system on your watch while you bite into a crisp apple (in March) that was perhaps three days off the branch. All of this is happening every day in cities like Manila or Shenzhen – something that could not have been dreamt of a generation ago.

You are benefitting from a large number of corporations that have made this moment possible. But before turning to read this blog, the last three messages you had received probably had focused an indignation towards industry, business and the corporations…

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