Evolution and Christians

168946_477433586556_727651556_6500443_8206770_nA view from an Anglican in New Zealand, who makes the point that Bishops are unwilling to be blunt about their acceptance of Evolution


We need to put the evolution-Bible discussion into a larger Bible-science-history-faith framework, and it is long overdue that significant church leaders declare their position.

Source: Evolution and Christians

2 thoughts on “Evolution and Christians

  1. Graham O'Brien

    I saw your post on the blog “Celebrating creation by natural selection” and thought I would get in touch. I am not a Bishop but I am an Anglican priest in the Nelson Diocese (NZ) and have published in this area. This is a topic of particular interest because I was a research scientist before a priest (PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology). Have some papers I would be happy to email you if you get in touch.



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