The Dark Side of Young Earth Creationism

The Dark Side of Young Earth Creationism

This is a superb tract against Young Earth Creationism mimicking the style of a Chick Tract.

This was produced by Matt Mclure who has a website Old Earth ministries

Read and enjoy it

And unzip a banana

7 thoughts on “The Dark Side of Young Earth Creationism

      1. Paul Braterman

        Does Milton link up in any way with the Westminster Confession, which remains the foundational creed of many Scottish and other evangelical churches, and which tells me that I will suffer, deservedly, eternal conscious torment?


      2. Matthew McClure

        The tract didn’t include a reference to your Milton article because I was concentrating on the connection between Milton and Ellen G. White, and from White to GM Price, the father of modern YECism. But due to the importance of your article, I’ve updated the cartoon’s yellow panel to include the Milton article reference and sent it to OEM to update the webpage accordingly.

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  1. Nickolaus Pacione

    I wonder if Greg got the idea for the title from the line in The Science Gospel where I really let the YEC academia have it — I engaged Hovind with a photograph on my 38th birthday and have him challenge my entire roster’s research over the years. It’s safe to say he was still torqued and felt like he was like a pooch who was greeted with a rolled up newspaper. I had the line in the 4400 word tumblr blog entry, “Folks this is the real dark side of young earth creationism.” As I was chiming in on the 2018 blog entry that Ashley shared. The blog entry emerged in 2014 when I was bleeping out Ken Ham and as vulgar language as using The Living Bible sheds light on the more notorious modern language such as bastard as I showed the verse from the Gospel of John to Greg trying to keep a straight face as the word ‘piss’ shows up in the King James Bible. So urban dictionary defined my term “piss drinking bastard” then Hovind got even more foul mouthed definitions. We need to stop borrowing our language from McKay Hatch and do invoke “Drink piss” and look up where The Apostle Paul used the equal to the fecal bomb.



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