Orion Magazine | Dark Ecology; A weird article

I reblog this six year old blog from a Cumbrian poet and scythe, not because I agree with it – I don’t – but because it shows a nihilistic turn of some environmentalists.This is seen by the author looking to the Unabomber who murdered 3 people before being caught in 1996 and is now in jail with no hope of parole. Not a moral inspiration.


Dark Ecology is gaining traction in some circles  – including among Christians who are supposed to have HOPE.

My feeling is that Dark Ecology lies behind some of what is going on today.

I was guided to this on the A Rocha international FB page  https://www.facebook.com/pg/arocha.international/posts/

It has six likes and one not with favourable comment

Read it and mark it, but don’t digest it.




Take the only tree that’s left, Stuff it up the hole in your culture. —Leonard Cohen Retreat to the desert, and fight. —D. H. Lawrence

Source: Orion Magazine | Dark Ecology

3 thoughts on “Orion Magazine | Dark Ecology; A weird article

  1. Paul Braterman

    I got as far as “4. What is needed is a new revolutionary movement, dedicated to the elimination of technological society.” Elimination of the technological society would reduce the Earth’s carrying capacity by a factor of around a thousand. And we’re supposed to take this seriously?



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