Much of Britain is covered with peat bog. Many don’t regard as valuable and much has been drained and wrecked in the last century.

But peat bogs lock up carbon, clean water and provide havens for wildlife.

You can even get stugged in them

Photos mostly from the Forest of Bowland showing both damage to peat bogs and also the beauty of them

Please look at the article linked after the photos. It says it all


DSCF0376DSCF0363DSCF0373003DSCF3617024DSCF9119 (1)

After my photos please read this semi-technical blog

via FAQs

2 thoughts on “FAQs about peat bogs

  1. Paul Braterman

    Stugged (SOED): stabbed or pierced with a pointed weapon or tool. Tell us more.

    Also, what is normal vairation in what we are seeing, what is damage, and how is the damage caused.?. And is it really virtuous to avoid peat-based garden compost?


  2. michaelroberts4004 Post author

    Much damge has been done by shooting estates – burning heather and digging drainage channels to ry the peat to keep feet dry. As peat dries it is often blown away or eroded. It is best to avoid peat compost but I need to be better on that

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