Undesigned Coincidences; applying Paley to the Gospels

Most know Paley for the Design argument which Darwin accidentally killed or mutated. Darwin never read Paley on Design in his Natural Theology while at Cambridge. However he did read his evidences on Christianity and was largely convinced at the time.

Paley wrote a book on Paul Horae Paulinae, which spoke of undersigned coincidences between the Act of the Apostles and Paul’s letters. He makes some good point, but there are points where Acts and Paul’s letters diverge.

I used a similar argument on Darwin’s 1831 geological trip just before the Beagle, when I found a list of rocks on a sheet of his notes at Cambridge Univ Library , which showed undesigned coincidences with Sedgwick’s notes on Anglesey on August 1831, which were from places Sedgwick visited. With other evidence I concluded that Darwin was with him . Some details are in this paper of mine


In the book discussed below Lydia McGrew from the USA picks up on Paley and makes some interesting points. I partially agree.



Here it is to read for yourself.


Lydia McGrew


Source: Undesigned Coincidences

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