Blind faith in Green faith

I loved this tweet from Green Anglicans. (GA are the group who claim to “represent the environmental concerns of Anglicans worldwide.)


As I say that I realised I hadn’t got a solar panel or sails on my car!

If this claim were true then much of transport, home heating and industry would be provided for by wind.

They had taken this from a Guardian article about how wind provided so much ELECTRICITY on the night of 12/13th Dec 2018.

Here are the details from MyGridGB, which give regular summaries of electrical generation each day.

mygrid131218Yes, it was about a third, but not energy but electrical power.

Now that is a serious and misleading error. This diagram below shows that in 2017, electricity was a small fraction of the total energy used, so claims of 33% eenrgy should be reduced to 5% if that


This glaring misunderstanding is very common among green commentators. It shows a serious lack of understanding of energy issues, and raise questions about their competence.

It is forgotten that ENERGY is much more than just electricity

a further problem is that those concerned about the environment will read stuff like this and think how close we are to replacing fossil fuels with renewables.

This is especially so in the churches where green experts are liable to have degrees in literature or foreign languages, possibly biology but very rarely have any training or qualifications in energy issues. When the errors are pointed out , they are usually ignored as their green faith takes over. Sadly many don’t want to know or Dunning-Kruger takes over.

This results in a belief that we can make the transition from fossil fuels in a matter of years rather than decades and associated with naive appeals for divestment from fossil fuels. This is the view of Christian Aid , Operation Noah among others and often the churches blindly follow them.

I wrote this after seeing the tweet from Green Anglicans but many secular green groups are just as inaccurate and so the misunderstanding spreads.

I suggest that many green activists need to stop and find out more about what they criticise and not cling to inaccurate and hopeful headlines, put out by those with limited understanding


P.S. After a little interchange on twitter Green Anglicans did not my point, but there are still too many who don’t/won’t grasp it





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