Can The Public Care Too Much?

An interesting post about whether one is better conserving a habitat than saving the life of a robin.

A well nuanced argument too

We spent a few days in the prairies in 2012 and have never realised their richness before

The Prairie Ecologist

The topic of today’s blog post has been rattling around in
my head for a long time. I’ve been
hesitant to write about it because I don’t really have a strong stance, just
lots of thoughts. My motivation here is just
to stimulate thoughtful conversation.

Let’s start here: I’m guessing most people become interested in conservation because of a love of animals. For many of us, that love starts with having a childhood pet and/or from childhood stories/movies about animals. Disney movies that give animals huge eyes, human voices, and relatable life stories, have been emotional touchstones for many millions of people. By the time we’re out of elementary school, many of us feel a strong attachment to animals such as dogs, cats, deer, rabbits, squirrels, and many other animals we see around us. It’s not hard to transfer that attachment to whales, penguins, jaguars, bison, pandas, and other animals…

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