Geology vs. climate change

Climate change and geology

Geological Society of London blog

What can geological sciences contribute towards the challenge of decarbonisation?

The 2019 Bryan Lovell Meeting at The Geological Society of London aimed to define the role of geological sciences in ‘decarbonisation’. Decarbonisation is the reduction and removal of atmospheric carbon, one of the key drivers of climate change.

cat capture

The problem

Globally, CO2 emissions to the atmosphere have been steadily growing since the industrial revolution. With global population on the rise and demographic shifts bringing a greater proportion of people into the energy-intensive middle classes, the amount of carbon emitted to the atmosphere is set to increase.

Geology was integral to the ‘carbonisation’ of our society; pivotal in discovering, quantifying, and extracting resources such as coal, oil, gas, and critical minerals that have enabled industrial and technological advancement as well as societal and economic growth.

co-emissions-per-capita-vs-gdp-per-capita-international-.png Graph: GDP against CO2 emissions per capita, plotted on log-scale. Bubble size indicates…

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