Committed to Conversation–Finding Fellowship in the Face of Conflict

An interesting blog about dialogue between a young earth creationist and a Christian who accepts evolution.

I agree with the latter but am glad they have tried to break down the dividing wall

I pretty much second what the blogger wrote and hope that this approach has helped a silly divide

Naturalis Historia

A committed young-earth creationist, Dr. Todd Wood, and an equally committed evolutionary creationist, Dr. Darrel Falk, spend time with each other.  At first both are suspicious of the other’s Christian credentials. One feels like he is thought to be a fool the other is concerned that he is looked down upon as a heretic. Through a difficult series of conversations, they come to realize that they do share a common faith and can have Christian fellowship as neither a fool nor a heretic. However, that fellowship doesn’t mean that each does not believe the other is in grave error with respect to their interpretation of Genesis, and thus, a danger to the church.  But, if one brother in Christ is damaging the church, how can true Christian fellowship exist?

The Fool and the Heretic. By, Todd Wood and Darrel Falk. Available at Amazon.

This is one of the questions…

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