Personalized Nutrition Companies’ Claims Overhyped: Scientists

I get fed up with “health food” providers conning people into special diets and raking in the profits.

Now this the unacceptable face of Capitalism, whether provider is a greedy, fascist-leaning right-winger or a caring woke-type who is as left as left can be.

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It’s even worse when they claim to be organic or non-GMO, but I better say no more.

For most a decent broad diet is all one needs, unless one is given professional advice

Services promising scientifically tailored supplements or advice abound. Experts say their claims are largely unfounded, although some solid evidence is beginning to emerge.

Source: Personalized Nutrition Companies’ Claims Overhyped: Scientists

1 thought on “Personalized Nutrition Companies’ Claims Overhyped: Scientists

  1. Paul Braterman

    One major company in the States (I wish I could remember the details) makes two lines of products, sold with different sets of buzzwords for hard, pure, and noble gun toters, and for soft and sensitive environmentalists. Same stuff, different labels, equally irrelevant to people’s probable needs.

    Which, of course, for the young and healthy on a wide-ranging diet, are zero



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