Advice for Young-Earth Creationists

This reblog of a Canadian theologian is a quick 10 points on why Young Earth Creationists need to check their understanding of the Bible and creation.

Caution Creationists3

It is a response to Ken Ham on Premier Christian Radio. I feel Premier seem to prefer the nutty extremes rather than the more moderate, hence will to much air time of Ham and exorcise a cat Mackay.

Image result for ken ham imageAnswers magazine, Oct-Dec 2014 issue

It is very brief and more a list of pullet points. Each needs expanding and explaining.



On pt5 evidence that the earth is more than 6000 years old goes back 350 years to the time of Lhwyd and Ray in the visits to Snowdonia. here’s John Ray


6. is very serious. an insistence on YEC is liable to destroy the faith of many Christians, as people are given the choice of Christ or science.


7. comparing style of YEC to opposition to Galileo is the weakest. In Galileo’s time it was not crystal clear that geo-centrism was wrong, and it took over a century after Copernicus published in 1543 for most educated people to be convinced. Those who opposed heliocentrism were well-informed which is more than we can say for YEC. YEC is science -denying not new science questioning. The two are different.

8 on animal suffering and natural evil is the biggest question of the lot…………


But on the whole a useful summary and my strictures wont affect many !!


Finally, a good read


In light of Ken’s Ham-fisted performance on “Unbelievable,” here are a few tips for young-earth creationists: Your literal interpretation of …

Source: Advice for Young-Earth Creationists

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