Extinction Rebellion’s Strategic Ruse

I have no doubts some will not like me reblogging this.

After all Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, supported it from the beginning and many christian Green groups are out on the streets this October (2019). And probably regard me as a wayward Christian for questioning Extinction Rebellion.

Now,I’ve been convinced of the seriousness of climate change since the last century and was green many decades before that and when most Christians were simply indifferent to environmental issues and kept them out of discussion, as I found on occasion.

I agree with the essential arguments of this blog, which is rather combative in style.

Extinction revolution’s Three Demands are actually very scary.

1. They fail to Tell The Truth as they scaremonger and over-egg all the issues.
2. Net Zero by 2025 is simple impossible to achieve even for Britain. One cannot get rid of fossil fuels by then without severe disruption, danger to health and a collapse of many things in our nation. Net Zero by 2020 will be very hard to achieve.
3.Citizens Assemblies will simply be local Soviets and most intelligent people will simply avoid them

I would not be surprised of an anti-environmental backlash to the nonsense of Extinction Rebellion

The Risk-Monger

It’s all over the news. The spontaneous protests in the streets of London to urge the government to act now to save humanity and the planet. The emotion behind the seriousness of the threat to humanity from catastrophic climate change. The celebrity pronouncements to act (lest we be judged by future generations). The chilling horror of die-ins and hunger strikes to balance the joyful carnival nature in the streets as “the people” rise up.

They are comparing themselves to Gandhi and Martin Luther King.

To a passive observer, this looks like humanity at its best and people who resist them, their message, the science and their hope for the future are merely ignorant climate deniers (old white men who are so emotionally weak that they need to “attack” a young Swedish girl). If I were a journalist, I would get my teeth into this polemic – the story writes itself.

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