2019: The Year of Celebrity Science

2019 was dominated by celeb experts of all ages on many aspects of the environment.

Often they were strindent rather than informed and not open to those who did buy their ideas lock stock and barrel

Here David Zaruck gives a stroppy rejoinder which makes many valid points.

I wonder whether all this celeb activism is counterproductive.

The Risk-Monger

The blank look on Jane Fonda’s face revealed that, 50 years on, her activism has aged more than she had. When a BBC Newsnight reporter asked where Fonda got the numbers indicating an existential climate collapse threatening humanity, she replied authoritatively: “From the science!”. When challenged on this, her fumbling revealed how her advisers had assumed that no one was going to question her on that and on whether she had, indeed, read “the science”.

2019 was the year of Celebrity Science – where the cameras focused on stars making a token gesture to some mystical doctrines to be revered rather than read; where virtue signalling meets fear of missing out; and where decades of research could not withstand a mindless celebrity tweet. Anti-vaxx stars walk down red carpets, gurus tout naturopath remedies or celebrities get themselves arrested to help stop the extinction of humanity or collapse of entire ecosystems…

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