The Pleistocene is not in the Bible — A critique of “When Was the Ice Age in Biblical History?”

An excellent article by Kevin on how Creationists twist the Ice Ages only yo last a few years, rather than multiple one over 2 million years.

Kevin exposes the crassness of their arguments.

For myself decades ago I worked on the Numees Tillite, Precambrian glacial sediments  in a remote part of the Namib Desert and then researched the discovery of glaciation in North Wales by Rev William Buckland and Darwin. A fantastic project in the mountains

Now read his article


Answers_ice_age_largeYoung-Earth creationists (YECs) attempt to squeeze most of the geological record into the brief span of Noah’s flood, even though the Bible does not state that the flood was responsible for Earth’s sedimentary rocks, and does not even require that the flood covered the entire Earth (read more here and here). There is an important exception to this, however. Glacial sediments and other deposits of the Pleistocene Epoch—the “ice age” —are usually considered to be post-flood deposits by YECs.

Answers in Genesis recently published an article by Andrew Snelling and Mike Matthews entitled “When Was the Ice Age in Biblical History?” It begins with a true statement:

“The Bible doesn’t say, ‘And then there was an Ice Age.'”

If the authors had stopped right there, they would have written a great article. The Bible does not teach us about ice ages any more than it teaches us…

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1 thought on “The Pleistocene is not in the Bible — A critique of “When Was the Ice Age in Biblical History?”

  1. Paul Braterman

    There is no coherent way of inserting even a single ice age into a biblical chronology, any more than there is any coherent way of saying where the Flood would fit into the geological column. So in both cases we have the absurdity of events speeded up by many orders of magnitude; 1 billion years worth of metamorphosis and sediments in the Grand Canyon, a large fraction of 66 million years worth of mammalian evolution in between Noah’s Ark and Abraham’s camels. The Answers in Genesis article merely throws up further difficulties, by claiming that the appearance and disappearance of Neanderthals (and now, by implication, other extinct human species), and the building of great cities such as Ur, must all have arisen in the brief interval between the Ice Age and Abraham.

    But perhaps the purpose of the AiG article, like that of much of the denialist literature in this and other areas, is simply to show that there are answers to the scientific objections to the denialists’ belief. The fact that these answers will not survive analysis is beside the point, for no true believer is going to apply such an analysis. As for the authors of such an article, I do not know what to say. There are surely intelligent enough, and indeed well-informed enough, to know that they are talking utter garbage



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