What do interlocking ‘coincidences’ say about the reliability of the NT? | Psephizo

I get fed up with those who say the Bible has no historical reliability.  I am not one who says it is an infallible source of history, especially the Old Testament.

Here Lydia McGrew is interviewed about her arguments for the reliability of the Gospels (and I’d add Acts) from the “coincidences” or minor details which are almost asides. This is discussed in her book Hidden in Plain View. and  The Mirror or the Mask. (available Amazon)


I was intrigued to see that some ideas came from William Paley’s Horae Paulinae, which Darwin read while at Cambridge. (He did not read Natural Theology (my copy is 1804 so is 5 years older than Darwin) for many years but that is another story.) Darwin was very taken with Paley’s  Evidences of Christianity, which I have in a battered copy from 1841, by which time Darwin had moved from the Christian Faith. Darwin even wondered about discovering more little evidences to support the reliability of the NT while at Cambridge, but that faded from his view!.

That’s enough from me , so read the interview.

I probably need to read the book, and to my list of unread books!!

On a personal note I met both Lydia and Tim McGrew in Wisconsin at an Intelligent Design conference, when I gave a paper considering ideas from Paley’s Natural Theology  in relation to geology.

Perhaps there is more to pursue on Paley and the New Testament.



Source: What do interlocking ‘coincidences’ say about the reliability of the NT? | Psephizo

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