Two pieces and a book on wokeness

Have you woke up yet?

Why Evolution Is True

Well, Her Highness has a short summary of the worst aspects of 2019 in The Critic (click on screenshot). By “worst”, of course, I mean that the year was packed with incidents that offended the faux wokeness of Ms. McGrath (if that’s her right pronoun).

An excerpt from her litany of 2019’s outrages:

We all thought that 2019 was the worst year in human history thus far. We were wrong: 2020 is already turning out to be an utter disaster for social justice. On New Year’s day I had the misfortune of seeing Toy Story 4 with my seven-year-old niece (formerly my nephew) at my local cinema.

I was shocked at the lack of diverse representation, and even more shocked to see that there were people of colour in the audience who appeared to be enjoying themselves. I later read an article in the Hollywood Reporter by a middle-class white…

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