A Six-day Evolutionist? It depends on what you mean by evolution

Creationists get in a tizzy about evolution trying to distinguish microevloution (OK) and macroevolution (not OK)

Naturalis Historia

Young-earth creationists like to talk about two types of evolution, one is real (microevolution), and the other is a lie from the pit of hell (macroevolution). They act as if their were a chasm between the two as large as the Grand Canyon. But when their literature is explored identifying where microevolution ends and macroevolution begins gets very fuzzy.

In our just published peer-reviewed paper, Dissent with modification: how postcreationism’s claim of hyperrapid speciation opposes yet embraces evolutionary theory, we illustrate how young-earth advocates have redefined the terms macroevolution and microevolution to advance their own view of the origins of biological diversity.  We show that the boundary between micro and macroevolution has no clear demarcation in the practice of young-earth creationism despite their rhetoric.  This is not to say that there aren’t aspects of macroevolutionary theory (e.g. universal common descent) that aren’t real points of disagreement but finding where…

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1 thought on “A Six-day Evolutionist? It depends on what you mean by evolution

  1. Paul Braterman

    As the full post makes clear, the motivation for Young Earth Creationists embracing microevolution is to explain how everything managed to fit into the Ark. But then, the Ark “kinds” would have had to evolve into modern species by Abrahamic time, with the additional disruption of the Ice Age, which creationists place some centuries after Noah’s Flood. And as I enjoy pointing out, the creationists’ term “baramin”, which they present as being Hebrew for “created kind”, does not occur in biblical Hebrew, and if it did, it would mean “he-created a-kind-of”. But I fear that their philology is at the same standard as their population genetics



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