Anyone who is not opposed to racism in any of its ugly forms has to be deficient in most forms of basic morality. That is so whatever form of racism is considered. Fortunately Apartheid has gone, but racism is still here.

But how do you oppose racism?

That would require a long answer and is not so simple.

The recent murder of George Floyd and subsequent protests highlight the problems of dealing with it.

At times antiracism as a movement can confuse  by using words in particular ways and at times almost making people out to be racist if they do not accept them.

I will say no more and suggest you read this blog of “definitions by an Asian-american who is wary of CRT Critical Race Theory


He begins;

Antiracism is a broad movement committed to opposing, eradicating, and dismantling racism. AntiracismIt has historic roots going back centuries from figures like William Lloyd Garrison and Frederick Douglas and continuing to modern writers like Ta-Nehisi Coates. Although there is no single antiracist ideology or statement of core principles, it’s helpful to view the distinguishing feature of ‘antiracism’ as its focus on systems and structures. While the vast majority of Americans see themselves as opposed to individual, personal racial animus, the ‘antiracism’ movement is distinct in that it is committed to identifying and dismantling society-wide institutions that propagate racism. Thus, not all people who are personally and even vehemently opposed to individual racism would be classified as ‘antiracist.’

One obstacle to understanding the ‘antiracist’ movement is its use of specialized language. Antiracists frequently employ words in technical, nonstandard ways, which can lead to substantial confusion, even when both sides are committed to genuine dialogue.

via An Antiracism Glossary

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