Bringing Ancient Grasslands into the heart of our towns and cities.

More on encouraging wildflowers, and thus bees and birds – AND SAVING MONEY on urban areas of grass

The Intermingled Pot

A decline in insect numbers, children losing touch with nature, adults in total ignorance of their local cultural heritage, and local government cutbacks. What can we do to help?

IMG_2749 This used to be a municipal incinerator; in 1995 it looked like this 

In 2016 Natural England published its Conservation 21 strategy  ( ) which proposes a future based around the following three guiding principles

• creating resilient landscapes and seas
• putting people at the heart of the environment
• growing natural capital

An efficient and sensible way to solve all of the above problems is to bring our rural ancient grasslands into the heart of our urban areas: Cowslip, bird’s-foot trefoil, autumn hawkbit growing on our urban road verges so they can be seen during the year by every child as they walk to school, every adult as they drive* to work, and also used as food…

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1 thought on “Bringing Ancient Grasslands into the heart of our towns and cities.

  1. Paul Braterman

    I will be forwarding this to my Glasgow city councillor, with a comment saying how happy everybody is that the grass strip across the road from my house has *not* been mown yet this year, and is bright with buttercups



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