#26 My faith was threatened by YECism, not science!

On how Creationism can have disastrous effects on people’s Christian faith.

It is not a personal choice, but something which divides and can destry a person’s faith.

Reaching into Plato's Cave

Christianity has always existed alongside of science. Some of the greatest Biblical characters were highly educated people (Moses; Daniel; Solomon; Saul of Tarsus). Most of the early Church Fathers were fully schooled in the highest forms of Greek thinking (Irenaeus; Clement; Origen; Augustine). Many leading scientists from the past (Sir Isaac Newton; William Buckland) and the present (Francis Collins; John Lennox; John Polkinghorne) fully embrace their Christian faith.

This week, we talk to Dr. Joel Duff, a geneticist, a professor, and an active researcher, who grew up in a Christian home (his father is an Orthodox Presbyterian minister) that always encouraged open inquiry to science. He didn’t sense these two parts of his world to be in conflict. He was fully able to read certain Biblical passages … especially those in Genesis … as metaphor, allegory, and ancient poetry.

Instead, it was an encounter with YECism when he was in…

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2 thoughts on “#26 My faith was threatened by YECism, not science!

  1. Paul Braterman

    I regularly correspond with Joel Duff, and follow his blog at https://thenaturalhistorian.com/. He is also one of the authors of Grand Canyon; Monument to an Ancient Earth, an excellent exposition of its deep geology and palaeontology.

    At the risk of sounding petty, I would take issue with Janssen’s claim that John Lennox is a leading scientist, or a good example to include here. Setting aside the question of whether mathematics should be included along science, he has certainly made contributions to group theory, but I doubt if these will be regarded as major, His Oxford affiliation is to a college that specialises in humanities, and his apologetics (as in his 2011 book ,em>Seven Days That Divide the World belong firmly in the category that Joel is warning us against.



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